Introduction EDI to XML XML to JAVA
EDI to XML Transformation using Smooks
EDI is standard way of electronically exchange data across multiple applications. Java developer often need to
process EDI files. The Smooks has provided powerful and easy Java based API to convert EDI data into XML data.
Following examples explains how to convert EDI data into XML data. 

EDI file: Copy this file into C:/SMOOKS/EDI/Edi.txt

Smooks config file: Copy this file into C:/SMOOKS/EDI/SmooksConfig.xml

smooks mapping file: Copy this file into C:/SMOOKS/EDI/Mapping.xml

Java class to execute transformation: Once you execute following class it will generate Edi.xml file in in C:/SMOOKS/EDI You need to have commons-lang-2.6jar, commons-loggong.jar, jaxen-1.1.2.jar,jdom-1.0.jar,milyn-commons-1.4.jar, milyn-edisax-parser-1.4.jar. milyn-smooks-core.jar, milyn-smooks-edi-1.2.jar, milyn-smooks-javabean-1.2.4.jar, milyn-smooks-templating-1.2.4.jar, mvel2-2.1.jar files in class path.

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